A Holiday off the beaten Track

No doubt it has been a rough 2020 for everyone, whether directly or indirectly affected by COVID-19. The year is finally coming to an end and we can hopefully look forward to a better 2021.

With the holidays coming up you may be looking for a place to get away from it all. Somewhere out of the way and totally off the beaten track. A place you can unwind, chill with the family and relax in relative solitude with plenty of open space and fresh air. An accommodation venue in tranquil, natural surroundings away from high-risk infection areas.

This is what we have to offer you at The Hatchery. We especially cater for low key, out of the way holidays and breaks with our remote location that is situated close enough to Ballito or Richards Bay for the essentials or in case of an emergency. We also have the facilities to host a function or family gathering for the holidays away from the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle and the crowds. A reminder too that you can even bring your dog children to. How awesome is that?

If you are a business person you can still work remotely on your vacation as you will have the most awesome Zoom meeting background you can hope for in our lagoon setting.

So get in touch with us for your safe and quiet holiday plans. Drop us an email or message to check availability and how we can accommodate you.