Good times and more good times at the Hatchery

What an interesting time to be alive...  I thought that in 2020 we would have flying cars not that we would be teaching people how to wash hands! As we wind down an eventful month which sees us closed until further notice, we look back at some of the happenings at The Hatchery.

In early March we had a 23rd wedding anniversary celebrated at the Hatchery for Deon & Natalie Barnard.  They spent time in the Tap Room and shared some pics they took during the weekend.

In some social responsibility news The Hatchery is now partnering with Thuthukani Turnaround for our recycling effort.  Thuthukani Adult Workshop (TAW) provides sheltered employment primarily for intellectually disabled adults who attended Thuthukani Special School. Thuthukani Turnaround has been operating for 3 years and provides work for twenty six adults who sort recyclable materials which is purchased in support from Mpact Recycling. As a guest you can get onboard by keeping your paper and plastic aside from the other rubbish and in so doing so you will be supporting a number of intellectually disabled young people and will partner with us in advancing recycling in South Africa.

In the middle of March we had the wedding of Rich and Roxanne. See some pics below by Bianca Wilde Photography - - See more on our wedding gallery page from guests too.

That is it from The Hatchery for now. We will be back once its safe to have guests again. Until then..